Are You Protecting Your Most Important Asset?


Since our time as professionals is our most valuable resource, shouldn’t we direct more efforts into protecting it? Why don’t we? If you think about your typical day in real estate, how many times do you find yourself in chaos, constantly being distracted, jumping from one task to another, never feeling like you have really completed anything. We have all been there… and in theory, the concept of time blocking sounds simple, however, I find it’s very hard for people to practice.

Here are a few tips that could help you organize your day. Create a success list to help you focus in on your true purpose or “One Thing” each and every day.

To create the work-life balance we all strive to achieve, look to incorporating time blocking into your daily habits. Managing your time and maximizing your productivity by focusing your energy on the activities that really matter to your business. Here are some things to consider to help you get started.


First, we must take time to focus on our goals. What do you want to achieve? Where do you want to be in the next year… the next 5 years? Do your daily activities match your annual goals and 5 year goals?   What will hitting your goals do for you, your family, your business? Quantify your goals in numbers or money whenever possible and make sure to set SMART goals… 

Once your goals are defined, then, focus on the specific activities you need to do daily to achieve those goals.

Most people believe that time and effort alone deliver the results they see. This IS true, however, when you focus on the 20% of the activities that really matter, in turn it delivers 80% of your results. Doing a lot of things is never a substitute for doing the right things!

So, the next thing we must focus on is determining what our 20% should be. Based on your goals, if you wanted to sell 60 homes this year, your 20% should be obtaining listings. To obtain listings you need appointments and to obtain appointments you need to talk with people. So, instead of focusing on everything else (the 80%)… focusing on your lead generation each and everyday to obtain those listings will result in you achieving your goals. Ask yourself each morning…


Once we have specific and measurable goals, it is time to implement our tasks on a daily level using time blocking. Time blocking is a method of organizing your day and focusing on the 20% that matters most. Time blocking is a habit that allows you to schedule appointments with yourself to effectively manage your day.  

Schedule daily blocks of time for your morning routine, time to lead generate/prospect, time to follow-up with leads, time to catch up on important emails and phone calls, negotiate contracts, and time for appointments!  Here are some other things to keep in mind while time blocking your calendar: 

  • Be careful not to confuse time blocking with the practice of indiscriminately filling up your calendar with events. Remember that you are in business, not busyness!
  • Block time for the most important tasks (lead generation… your 20%).
  • Don’t try to time block every minute of your day/week.
  • Block nonnegotiable times throughout the week or month to focus on your family and personal goals.
  • Always have an end time in mind… otherwise a 1 hour activity will end up taking 3-4.

Check out an example of a perfect real estate time blocked schedule:


Be purposeful about the items you list on your calendar.
Consider your 20 percent when you block times on your calendar. For example, you may want to block off daily time to meet with clients (or even team members), then give clients the opportunity to meet with you according to this schedule. Rather than asking, “When do you want to meet?” or “What’s good for you?,” ask individuals to meet you at specific times within your schedule. Try giving clients a choice between two times. There is no need to explain why other times aren’t available—let them conclude that you are a popular, busy professional who carefully manages your time! If neither time choice works for the client, offer another option. Now you are in control of your time, not your clients.

Be thoughtful about which activities are best blocked at which times.
Study and make notes regarding which times of the day are most demanding for you and which times of day bring the most interruptions. Endless phone calls in the morning? Time-consuming off -site errands mid-afternoon? Be strategic about the times you block to perform certain activities.

Be diligent about not allowing anything to steal time you have dedicated to the activities on your calendar.
Protect the time you have blocked for a specific activity and, vice versa, avoid doing scheduled activities outside the time blocks allotted.

Erase … and replace.
There will be times when a true emergency arises during one of your time blocks. You will obviously need to respond. The key is to replace the time. If you use an hour to deal with the emergency, immediately replace that hour by blocking another hour on your calendar to return to your task.

Be consistent enough to set the habit.
For example, set aside one hour in the morning for a specific activity. Try this for several days or weeks to test the schedule. Make adjustments, then set this as your habit. Inform others of your new schedule.


Misty Stanley started her career in the not for profit sector where she served as the Program Director of a federally funded program for the homeless. During her time there she assisted with the reunification of families, addiction counseling, permanent housing, and home ownership. Misty took her passion for helping others into the real estate industry and is now the Team Leader of Keller Williams Realty. Misty’s expertise in business coaching helps those around her live their biggest life! Her goal is to help people grow both professionally and personally. To inspire them. To motivate them. To encourage them. To help them think bigger than they have ever thought before. 

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