Top 10 Things I learned from attending QUANTUM LEAP!

Top 10 Things I learned from attending QUANTUM LEAP

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1.  Never, Ever, Ever, Ever, Ever, Ever Give Up!

2.  Life is nothing but a series of challenges.

3.  There is a higher purpose to business – to give, to care and to share.

4.  The most important question in your life should not be “what am I achieving or accumulating?”  The most important question should be “what am I becoming?”  We are what we spend our time on.

5.  “Until a person can correct and control his thought life, he cannot correct his real life of actions” – Lester Sumrall, in his book “Imagination: Hidden Force of Human Potential”

6.  In every important area, work out where 20 percent of effort can lead to 80 percent of returns.  Do those items.  CALM DOWN, WORK LESS AND TARGET A LIMITED NUMBER OF VERY VALUABLE GOALS, RATHER THAN PURSING EVERY AVAILABLE OPPORTUNITY.

7.  THE LEGACY LETTER  – write a legacy letter to each and every one of your loved ones that will miss you when you are not here any longer.  What would you want to be able to say to them after your funeral when they are grieving.

8.  To break through my ceiling of achievement I must commit to models and systems. The habit of adopting successful models by deciding what you want, researching who has done it, choosing a model and documenting it completely and then suspend your need to understand every aspect of the model, now it is just time to implement.

9.  “It’s not who you are that holds you back – it’s who you think you are not”.  – Mother Theresa

10. I needed this to help me with perspective and discipline.

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