Brian Haeseley

Brian Haeseley
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ALC Commerical Director and Safety Chair

The Commercial Committee performs six functions:
1. Assist the overall growth of qualified Commercial associates in the Market Center.
2. Harmoniously integrates the Commercial Division with the residential specialty of the Market Center and uses the WI4C2TS belief system as its criteria for all decisions.
3. Assists in the overall growth of membership in the Commercial Division by cultivating an awareness of its existence and by identifying and attracting qualified commercial associates.
4. Assists in the implementation of training programs specifically designated and recommended by Commercial or KWU for professional development.
5. Assists the KW Commercial leadership in further developing value-adds and deliverables to membership based upon feedback from commercial associates in the Market Center.
6. Assists Keller Williams leadership and associates in the recruiting of new Commercial member associates or relating to commercial transactions.

The Safety Committee

Each Market Center will have a Safety Committee that promotes training programs and other initiatives to implement safety standards and best practices for Keller Williams offices and for agents conducting business in the field.