First Step is to take the 90 hour pre-licensing Broker course. Courses have an approximate cost of $599 (+ shipping/handling for course books). You must be 18 years of age and have received a high school diploma or equivalent. There are several online resources through: 

Second Step is to sign up for study materials and practice exams for the Indiana Real Estate Broker Exam Prep. This is an optional, however, crucial step to prepare you for the tests throughout the 90-hour course AND state examination. You can register through one of the following:  

Third Step is to pass the three – 100 multiple choice question tests during the 90-hour pre-licensing course with 225 points or a 75% or greater.

Fourth Step is to study, study, study using the course materials and study guides and practice exams!

Fifth Step is to schedule and pass the Indiana state examination with 75% given by the state testing facility ($65). Find and schedule your exam at 

Sixth Step is to schedule an appointment with our Assistant Team Leader (502-741-7714) to complete paperwork. We will send your certificates, application and activation payment to IPLA to activate your license. Application fee is $60.00 and made out to the Indiana Professional Licensing Agency (IPLA). The IPLA will process your paperwork and activate your license, typically within 5-10 business days. You will have one year to do this or the commission will hold your license inactive until you decide where to place it.

Seventh Step is to become a REALTOR® member of the Southern Indiana Realtors Association (SIRA). Schedule and attend the SIRA orientation course for Multiple Listing Service (MLS) access. Call once license becomes active with the state of Indiana. 812.941.7472

Costs associated are approximately $1,300 per year (see breakdown below). Prices are subject to change by the Southern Indiana Realtors Association. New Agent Dues and MLS Fees are prorated. The breakdown includes application fees, REALTOR® membership and a subscription to the local MLS. 

One-time Application/Activation Fees 
SIRA $150.00
SUPRA $50.00
IAR $200.00 

National, State and Local Dues
$605 per year (billed December/Due January).

Multiple Listing Service Subscription
$780 per year, billed twice per year at $390
(billed March and July).

SUPRA Electronic eKEY (mobile app)
$16 + tax paid monthly to SUPRA via credit card. 

Eighth Step is to schedule an appointment with our Assistant Team Leader to select business cards, set up your KW Tech Tools, i.e. your agent branded mobile app, agent website and business email. You will also want to take this opportunity to schedule an appointment with our Productivity Coach!